Faculty members

This is the list of researchers of Graduate school of Economics, Osaka City University.

Theoretical Economics Research Fields


Name Rank Class Taught
Tetsuya Nakajima Professor Modern Economic Theory
Ryosuke Okazawa Associate professor Macroeconomic Analysis
Minoru Kitahara Professor Microeconomic Analysis
Yoshihiro Nakajima Professor Economics of Complex Systems
Hideki Nakamura Professor Quantitative Analyses of Economics
Mitsuru Nakagawa Associate professor Statistics
Katsuyuki Naito Associate Professor Dynamic Macroeconomics
Fumihiko Hashimoto Professor  

History and Thought of Economics Research Fields

Name Rank Class Taught
Midori Wakamori Professor History of Political Economy
Kengo Nakamura Professor History of Social Thought
Hao Peng Professor Economic History of Japan
Naho Sugita Professor Social Policy
Masachika Shiotani Professor Economic History of Europe
Justin Aukema Associate professor Social History of Modern Japan
Tatsuya Sakishima Associate professor Economic History of Japan

Applied Economics Research Fields

Name Rank Class Taught
Kenji Tsuji Professor Monetary Economics
Atsushi Matsumoto Professor Public-Finance Policy
Jun Shibata Associate professor Distribution Economics
Ryo Ogawa Professor Local Public Finance
Shuji Uranishi Professor Industrial Economics
Yukiko Shigeno Professor Japanese Economy
Hajime Takatsuka Professor Spatial Economics
Daiya Isogawa Associate professor Industrial Policy
Yuta Kuroda Associate professor Welfare Economics

Global and Regional Economics Fields

Name Rank Class Taught
Shota Moriwaki Professor Development Economics, Chinese Economy
Akihiro Kubo Professor International Economics
Katsunori Kaneko Professor Study on Southeast Asian Economy
Takahiro Akedo Associate professor International Labor Theory
Gaku Ito Associate professor International Cooperation

In addition to the above, other classes are provided by professors holding multiple positions inside or outside the university.