Ryosuke Okazawa

Rank Associate Professor
Degree Ph.D. in Economics from Kyoto University
Personal website https://sites.google.com/site/ryosukeokazawa/english
Phone +81 6 6605 2286
E-mail okazawa at econ.osaka-cu.ac.jp (please replace “at” with “@”)


  • 2005 B.A. : Kyoto University
  • 2007 M.A. : Kyoto University
  • 2010 Ph.D. : Kyoto University


  • 2010 : Post Doctoral Research Fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.
  • 2013- : Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Osaka City University

Class Taught

Macroeconomic Analysis

About Me

My research fields are macroeconomics, political economics, and labor economics. I have a strong interest in long-term effect of economic and political institutions on economic growth.

Message to Students

Value your time as students and find your goals for the future.

Research Field

Macroeconomics, Political Economics, Labor Economics

Research Keywords

Public Choice, Institution, Unemployment, Inequality

Affiliated Academic Organizations

Japanese Economic Association

Selected Publications:

  1. “Within-group heterogeneity and civil war” (with Nobuhiro Mizuno), Economics of Governance, Vol. 18(2), pp. 153–177, 2017.
  2. “Inequality, extractive institutions, and growth in nondemocratic regimes” (with Nobuhiro Mizuno, Katsuyuki Naito), Public Choice, Vol. 170 (1), pp.115–142, 2017.
  3. “Skill-biased technical change, educational choice, and labor market polarization: The U.S. versus Europe”, Journal of Economic Inequality, Vol. 11(3), pp. 321–342, 2013.
  4. “Labor Immobility in Japan: Its Causes and Consequences” (with Kenn Ariga), in Japan’s Bubble, Deflation, and Long-term Stagnation, edited by K. Hamada, A. Kashyap, and D. Weinstein, MIT Press, 2011.
  5. “Colonial experience and postcolonial underdevelopment in Africa” (with Nobuhiro Mizuno), Public Choice, Vol. 141, pp.405–419, 2009.