The School of Economics has thoroughly renewed its graduate program in 2003. The aim of the overhaul is to keep our graduate training fully up to date and to better accommodate increasingly diverse needs of the society for graduate education in economics.

A major feature of our new graduate program is a specialized two-year Masters Program for students wishing to start a professional career immediately after the completion of their masters degree. As before, we also provide an integrated Graduate Program that consists of a two-year Masters Program (zenki hakase katei) and a three-year Doctoral Program (koki hakase katei). Students enrolled on this program have the choice of leaving the School after obtaining a Masters Degree and continuing their research on the Doctoral Program, the latter subject to successful performance at the Doctoral entrance examination. The Doctoral Program is also open to applicants wishing to switch from other universities upon completion of their masters degree.

An outstanding feature of our graduate education is its multi-faceted approach to economics. The expertise of our staff is wide-ranging and covers virtually all areas of economics and related disciplines. Applicants are encouraged to contact our reserchers prior to formal application and to discuss the topic they wish to study for their dissertation.