Student support system


The School strives to provide students with a stimulating learning and research environment. All graduate students are entitled to a supervisor and two academic advisors. The supervisor and the advisors guide their students throughout their thesis research and act as a first port of call whenever difficulties arise in their student life.

In addition to a variety of formal courses the School organizes numerous seminars and workshops, in which students are encouraged to present their ongoing research. The School also publishes refereed English- and Japanese-language journals and invites students to submit their finished work.

All graduate students are entitled to a personal space in one of our eighteen Graduate Student Rooms, most of which are located within the main building and have access to the School’s computer network. This helps students work in close contact with their supervisor and, perhaps more importantly, other students as well. The large and thriving graduate community that results is the School’s important intellectual asset.

The School makes every effort to provide students with financial assistance. Tuition waivers are granted generously to well-performing students. Students formally enrolled on our programs can apply for numerous School and University financial assistantships as well as other public scholarships. Doctoral students are eligible for the School’s Teaching Assistance Scheme, which provides both financial assistance and an opportunity for educational training.

Osaka City University possesses its own student accommodation in the vicinity of its Sugimoto Campus. Graduate students can also apply for other accommodations provided by the Osaka City and Prefectural Governments.

Further details of our graduate program can be found in our downloadable program brochure. Please click here for schedules of this year’s entrance examinations.


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