Hajime Takatsuka

Rank Professor
Degree Ph.D. in Social Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology
Personal website https://sites.google.com/view/hajimetakatsuka/
E-mail takatsuka at econ.osaka-cu.ac.jp (please replace “at” with “@”)


  • 1998 Ph.D. : Tokyo Institute of Technology (Social Engineering)


  • 2011 : Professor, Graduate School of Management, Kagawa University
  • 2019- : Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Osaka City University

Class Taught

Spatial Economics

About Me

Research Interests: Spatial Economics, Urban and Regional Economics, and International Trade

Message to Students

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

Research Field

Issues of spatial economies

Research Keywords


Affiliated Academic Organizations

The Regional Science Association International; Applied Regional Science Conference; Japanese Economic Association; The City Planning Institute of Japan; Urban Economics Association

Selected Publications:

  1. Spatial Economics (with Dao-Zhi Zeng), Japanese Edition, Tokyo: Toyo Keizai Inc., 2016; Chinese Edition, Beijing: Peking University Press, 2018.
  2. Elastic Labor Supply, Variable Markups, and Spatial Inequalities (with Dao-Zhi Zeng), Review of International Economics, 26(5), 1084-1100, 2018
  3. The 2005 Reform of Public Long-Term Care Insurance and Certification Biases in Japan (with Mika Ishihama, in Japanese), Journal of Social Security Research, 1(3), 623-641, 2016
  4. Nontariff Protection without an Outside Good (with Dao-Zhi Zeng), International Review of Economics and Finance, 41, 65-78, 2016
  5. Does Globalization Foster Economic Growth? (with Tadashi Morita and Kazuhiro Yamamoto), The Japanese Economic Review, 66(4), 492-519, 2015