Mitsuru Nakagawa

Rank Associate Professor
Degree Master in Economics from Kyoto University
Personal website
Phone +81 6 6605 2261
E-mail nakagawa at (please replace “at” with “@”)


  • 1987 B.A. : Kyoto University (Economics)
  • 1996 M.A. : Kyoto University (Economics)


  • 1987-1993 : Hitachi Ltd.
  • 1999-2001 : Lecturer, Faculty of Economics, Osaka City University
  • 2001- : Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Osaka City University

Class Taught


About Me

My research field is theoretical econometrics. I am trying to think statistically every time.

Message to Students

Think Statistically! There’s No Business like Statistical Analyst Business!

Research Field

Theoretical econometrics

Research Keywords

Time series analysis, unit root, cointegration, structural change

Affiliated Academic Organizations

Japan Statistical Society, Japan Economic Association

Selected Publications:

  1. “Power Comparisons of the discontinuous tread unit root tests,” (with Kimio Morimune), in Nonlinear Statistical Modeling, edited by Hsiao, C. and et al., Cambridge Univ. Press, 2001 (pbk 2011).
  2. “The discontinuous trend unit root test when the break point is misspecified,” (with Kimio Morimune), Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 1999, 48(4), p. 417–427.
  3. “Discontinuous trend unit root test with a break interval,” (with Kimio Morimune), The Kyoto Economic Review, 2004, 73 (1), p. 41–55.
  4. “Finite sample properties of the coefficient tests for unit root tests with discontinuous trend,” 2001, OCU Economic Review, 36 (2), p. 61–75.