Kengo Nakamura

Rank Professor
Degree Ph.D. in Humanities from Kobe University
Personal website N/A
Phone +81 6 6605 2279
E-mail nakamura at (please replace “at” with “@”)


  • 1988 B.A. : Kyoto University (Philosophy)
  • 1990 M.A. : Kobe University (Sociology)
  • 1993 Ph.D. : Kobe University (Sociology)


  • 1993 : Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Osaka City University
  • 2005 : Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Osaka City University

Class Taught

History of Social Thought

About Me

I am a social philosopher who loves railways, hot springs, and playing the guitar very much.

Message to Students

Will the national states disappear if the European Union deepens its integration further? Let us study state theory at the OCU.

Research Field

Theory and History of the State, European Integration and National States

Research Keywords

National State, European Union, Citizenship, Human Rights, Basic Income, Social Exclusion

Affiliated Academic Organizations

Society for the History of Social Thought; Japan Sociological Society

Selected Publications:

  1. Rezeption der Werke von Joachim Hirsch in Japan (, 2018.
  2. (ed.) Euro Crisis and the Transformation of European Welfare Regimes: Activation and Social Inclusion (Tokyo: Akashi-Shoten, 2015)[written in Japanese].
  3. (ed.) Welfare Regimes in the 21st Century: Varieties of Activation Policy in Europe and Japan (Kyoto: Tadasunomori-Shobo, 2012)[written in Japanese].
  4. (ed.) History of Social Thought: Reading the Classical Texts (Kyoto: Minerva-Shobo, 2009)[written in Japanese].
  5. European Integration and the Transformation of the Modern State: Multi-level Network Governance in the EU (Kyoto: Showado, 2005)[written in Japanese].