Yukari Iwanami

Rank Associate Professor
Degree Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Rochester
Personal website http://www2.econ.osaka-cu.ac.jp/Iwanami/
Phone +81 6 6605 2292
E-mail Email: iwanami at econ.osaka-cu.ac.jp (please replace “at” with “@”)


  • 2012 Ph.D. : University of Rochester, Rochester, NY (Political Science)


  • 2013 : Assistant Professor, Kansai Gaidai University, College of International Language and Communications
  • 2014 : Associate Professor, Osaka City University, Department of Economics

Class Taught

International Cooperation

About Me

Message to Students

For those who wish to apply knowledge and skills of economics to other issue areas, such as politics, we offer various courses and seminars. In my seminars and lectures, for instance, I introduce basic concepts of international politics and encourage students to scrutinize why war occurs and what we could do to prevent the occurrence of militarized disputes.

Research Field

My research interests lie in the area of international security and international institutions. More precisely, I am interested in analyzing how international institutions can restrain and control states’ behavior, reduce the risk of warfare, and promote stability in the international system.

Research Keywords

War and Conflict, International Organizations, Peacekeeping, Alliances, Game Theory

Affiliated Academic Organizations

American Political Science Association, Midwest Political Science Association, International Studies Association, the Japan Association of International Relations, Japanese Economic Association

Selected Publications:

  1. Yukari Iwanami. 2017. “Peacekeeping by the UN and Regional Organizations: Sharing the Burden or Passing the Buck?” In: Motoshi Suzuki and Akira Okada eds., Games in International Conflict and Cooperation. Springer. 83?113.
  2. Yukari Iwanami. 2015. “Regional Arrangements as Signals to Induce UN Peacekeepers.” Kokusai Seiji 181: 45?59 [written in Japanese].
  3. Yukari Iwanami. 2014. “The Selection and Signaling Effects of Third-Party Intervention.” Journal of Theoretical Politics. 26 (1): 135?157.
  4. Yukari Iwanami. 2013. “Unilateral versus Multilateral Military Intervention.” In Motoshi Suzuki and Akira Okada eds., Games in International Conflict and Cooperation. Tokyo, Yuhikaku: 56?79 [written in Japanese].